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Framingham United Soccer Club

Covid-19 Guidelines

All Players & Parents, Coaches, and Spectators are required to adhere to all published guidelines and protocols, including all revisions made available, from the federal, state, or local government, or Mass Youth Soccer (MYSA) and Framingham United Soccer (FUSC).  Current and Complete MYSA Guidelines

All attendees must wear a facial covering: The default expectation is that face coverings will remain in place over the nose and mouth. There are no exceptions unless you are actively eating or drinking. Players may also pull down their covering to catch their breath if they are 6ft away from others. Only a face covering that loops around a player’s ears is considered acceptable. No face coverings with air valves or mesh masks are allowed; no neck gaiters or straps around the neck as they are a strangulation hazard. 

Spectators: There is no longer a spectator limit as long as family units can maintain 6' of distance from other spectators and family units.  Family units do not have to social distance.  As mentioned above, all attendees must wear a facial covering that remains in place over the nose and mouth unless they are actively eating or drinking. 

Hand Sanitizer and PPE:  All attendees are expected to provide their own hand sanitizer and personal protective equipment.  FUSC plans to set up sanitizing stations at each field complex and coaches will have a few masks in case a player's mask become unusable during the game.  In addition, there will be no porta-potties at any of the Framingham field complexes.  For away travel games, please assume that there will be no bathroom facilities as well. 

Modified Rules of the Game Game modifications are no longer required as long as facial coverings are properly worn and social distancing on the sidelines is maintained.  However, behaviors that promote spreading of Covid-19 (e.g. group celebrations, hugs, handshakes, fist bumps, etc.) are still not allowed. 

Players & Parents: Ensure your child’s health. Take temperature daily.  If your child has any symptoms, even mild ones, do not send them to practice or a game and let your coach know. Notify the FUSC Covid-19 Safety officer if your child has been identified as a close contact by a school or public health authority or has tested positive for Covid-19. Ensure that your child has a water bottle, hand sanitizer, light and dark jersey, and clean and sanitized equipment (jerseys, cleats, balls, shin guards etc.) at every practice and game. Carpooling with other members of the team is NOT recommended. In the event that transportation of a nonfamily member becomes necessary, all parties in the vehicle must wear cloth face coverings or face masks and to the extent possible have external air circulating in the vehicle such as opening a window.  Athletes should arrive dressed for practice and games and leave immediately afterwards--no recreational play, or loitering is allowed.
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Coaches: Wear a face covering at all times and you must maintain social distancing of 6 feet from players, coaches, referees, spectators, and other persons at all times. Arrive early to set up because the coach is the only one allowed to handle cones, discs, goals etc; do not accept help from parents and players. Ensure athletes arrive dressed for practice and games and leave immediately afterwards – no recreational play, or loitering is allowed. Upon arrival, inquire how athletes are feeling, send them home if you believe they are acting or look ill.  Take accurate attendance use of Apps such as TeamSnap or TeamApp is encouraged to assist with Contact Tracing (if required). Each team is required to have a coach who acts as a COVID-19 Safety Coordinator while on the field. Ensure player’s personal belongings (bags, coats, sweatshirts) remain in their personal space and are kept 6ft from the belongings of others. Do not allow sharing of personal items or team snacks; participants and spectators should only drink from their own containers.  Practice and encourage proper hygiene; use alcohol based hand sanitizer (at least 60% alcohol) to clean equipment and launder clothing after every session. STAY POSITIVE! Players and parents will be looking to you to remain calm and supportive during this transition time and understand that there still may be parents/guardians who are not ready to have their child return to activities at this time.
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For additional information or questions, please contact the Covid-19 Officer

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