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Framingham United Soccer Club

BAYS Travel Information

Annual Coaching Requirements

The following must be completed before the Fall season begins in order to coach:
Volunteer to coach on the FUSC website
       2. Register as an adult and online CORI with MYSA (Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association
3. Complete the online Concussion and SafeSport training at the US Soccer Learning Center after registering at MYSA.

The Google doc MYSA Badge & CORI Training Instructions has all of the directions necessary to complete the above items.

MYSA Credential/Coaching Badge

Referees require ALL Coaches on the sideline to wear their MYSA Credential. Coaches that do not have their credential will be asked to sit on the parents' sideline.  Failure to do so will result in a Zero Tolerance Infraction against the Club.  The Registrar will provide you your MYSA Credential when you have completed your Adult Registration, passed the background checks, and completed the online training for the year.

Team Name & Assistant Coaches

The head coach needs to email the Registrar the following information two weeks before the start of the season:  (1) Team name; (2) Names and emails of your assistant coaches and which assistant to be listed on the BAYS Website.  Please remember that BAYS only allows three coaches to be on the sideline for games. 

BAYS Contact Info

The head and first assistant coach are required to keep their contact information up to date on the BAYS website.  This is the only contact information the Division Director and opposing coaches have.  Pro Tip: If you are logged into BAYS, you will be able to see the email addresses of the opposing coaches so you don't have to use the BAYS web-based email interface.

Player Contact List

Your Grade Director will email you the list of players, parent contact info and player medical information for your team about a week prior to the season.  This list is NOT an official roster (see below).

BAYS Rosters

BAYS Team Rosters will be emailed to the head coach before the first game of the season. BAYS Division Captains will not allow any coaches that have not completed their MA SafeSports training on the official roster. You should bring two copies to each BAYS game--one for the referee and one for the opposing coach.  These official rosters are also good for tournaments, unless you are adding a tournament only player to your team.  To have your jersey numbers directly printed on your roster, log into the FUSC Website, and go to your team's webpage, click on the roster tab, and then click the green oval "Edit Roster" button.


BAYS maintains the schedules and results website: Framingham Travel Teams Schedules.  All BAYS games are to be played as scheduled. Games not played as scheduled are assigned a forfeit or double forfeit depending on the circumstances.  FUSC is fined for every forfeit that is not rectified.  The forfeit can be removed if the game is played within two weeks and one day of the scheduled date of play i.e. the Sunday two weeks after the game should have been played.  Please inform your BAYS director of any postponed games within 48 hours of the postponement.  If a game has to rescheduled for any reason, BAYS prefers the game to be "preponed", playing the rescheduled game before it was originally scheduled.

Make-up games

Home make-up games should be scheduled through the FUSC field director. The field director will work with you and the referee director to get a field and referee.  The opposing team is responsible for rescheduling games in their town.   Please inform your BAYS director as soon as you have set up a makeup date. Only email them once you have set a date. Contact your director if you can not agree on a make up date and time with your opponent.

Reporting Your Scores

After a travel game, it is the Coach's responsibility to report the score to their BAYS section captain within 48 hours of the game. Failure to do so may result in a forfeit and a fine.

Presidents' Cup

One of the highlights of the BAYS Spring soccer season is the Presidents' Cup Tournament. The cup competition is played in addition to the regular season schedule.  The tournament is run similar to the FIFA Champions League.  BAYS organizes the brackets and the coaches of each match schedule the games.  FUSC covers the one-time cost to enter.  This tournament is open to teams in the following divisions: 6th & 7th/8th grade Division 3 & 4 and 5th grade Divisions 2, 3, & 4.  More information can be found on the BAYS Website or by contacting the FUSC Tournament Director.

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