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Framingham United Soccer Club

In-Town Practice Information


In-town coaches for grades 1 - 4 are expected to hold a weekly 1-hour practice during the week after school. MYSA has some great resources on their website that you can access for your team practices:
1ST/2ND Grade Grassroots Practice Plans
3RD/4TH Grade Grassroots Practice Plans
FUSC In-Town Rules for Grades 1 - 4

Coaches can choose the day/time/location of their team’s practice but must notify their Grade Director of their teams’s practice info at least one week prior to the start of the season.  FUSC holds permits with the town of Framingham for game days only. Permits are not given for practices. Practices are permitted on grass surfaces ONLY, and may be held at most town fields including many parks, elementary schools and the Merchant Road field complex.  Practice fields for Merchant Rd must be reserved with the Fields Director. 

Here are some (not all) locations where teams can hold their practices:
- Barbieri Elementary
- Brophy Elementary backfield
- Butterworth Park
- Cameron Middle School
- Danforth Park
- Hemenway Elementary
- On the green in the Walsh Middle School track
- Potter Road Elementary
Banned Practice Areas are listed to the right (or below if you are viewing from a mobile device)


Lightning safety requires a large standoff distance from thunderstorms and a long standoff time after apparent thunderstorm decay. Thunder produced by a lightning strike travels one mile (1.6 km) every five seconds. Thus, counting the number of seconds between the visible "flash" and the audible "bang" and dividing by 5, provides the distance in miles.

Employ the "30-30 Rule" to know when to seek a safer location. The "30-30 Rule" states that when you see lightning, count the time until you hear thunder. If this time is 30 seconds or less, go immediately to a safer place. If you can't see the lightning, just hearing the thunder means lightning is likely within striking range. After the storm has apparently dissipated or moved on, wait 30 minutes or more after hearing the last thunder before leaving the safer location.

The "30-30 Rule" is best suited for existing thunderstorms moving into the area. However, it cannot protect against the first lightning strike. Be alert to changes in sky conditions portending thunderstorm development directly overhead. Larger outdoor activities, with longer evacuation times, may require a longer lead-time than implied by the "30-30 Rule."

When lightning threatens, go to a safer location. Do not hesitate.
What is a safer location? The safest place commonly available during a lightning storm is a large, fully enclosed, substantially constructed building, e.g. your typical house, school, library, or other public building. Substantial construction also implies the building has wiring and plumbing, which can conduct lightning current safely to ground. However, any metal conductor exposed to the outside must not be touched precisely because it could become a lightning conduit. Once inside, stay away from corded telephones, electrical appliances, lighting fixtures, ham radio microphones, electric sockets and plumbing. Don't watch lightning from open windows or doorways. Inner rooms are generally preferable from a safety viewpoint.

If you can't reach a substantial building, an enclosed vehicle with a solid metal roof and metal sides is a reasonable second choice. As with a building, avoid contact with conducting paths going outside. Close the windows, lean away from the door, put your hands in your lap and don't touch the steering wheel, ignition, gear shifter or radio. Convertibles, cars with fiberglass or plastic shells, and open-framed vehicles are not suitable lightning shelters. 


Medical Insurance: Players, not FUSC, are responsible for any costs associated with the medical treatment of injuries incurred while participating in an FUSC program. In the event that a player does not have personal medical insurance, limited coverage is automatically provided through the MYSA for registered FUSC players. This medical insurance policy has a standard deductible payment to be made by the player receiving treatment, and is implemented on a per claim basis. For players with personal medical insurance, the MYSA policy will reimburse a player, who receives treatment for a soccer related injury incurred while participating in an FUSC program, the cost of any deductible payment required by the player's insurance carrier.

It should be noted that the medical insurance coverage provided through the MYSA does not extend to the treatment of injuries incurred when playing or practicing with FUSC in a for-profit facility. The coach (or person in charge of the team in the coach's absence), must carry the medical treatment release forms to every game and practice. These forms are part of the sign-up form which is signed by the player’s parent(s) when a player registers for a season. In the event of an injury and the absence of a medical treatment release form, a player may be denied the required immediate professional treatment of an injury until direct parent or guardian permission can be obtained.

Liability Insurance: Through the MYSA, all registered coaches, assistant coaches, referees and Club officials are covered by liability insurance. This liability insurance covers all affiliated Club members to a maximum of $2 million per occurrence. A parent substituting for a coach without the prior knowledge of the Club Registrar is not covered by liability insurance and could be exposed to personal financial liability.

To preserve the insurance coverage, the MYSA insurance requires that the Club teams, and its individual member players, play with and against only other affiliated organizations. This covers league play, all tournaments, practice scrimmages and any other play. Ignoring this requirement exposes the person responsible for the team or player to possible personal financial liability.

Practice Fields

FUSC holds permits with the town of Framingham for game days only. Permits are not given for practices. Practices are permitted on grass surfaces ONLY, and may be held at most town fields including many parks, elementary schools and the Merchant Rd field complex.  Practice fields for Merchant Rd must be reserved with the Fields Director.

Banned Practice Areas

  • Bowditch Field
  • Brophy Elementary School Front Field
  • Dr. Harold Cushing Memorial Park
  • Fuller Middle School Fields
  • Galvani Fields
  • High School Fields
  • King Fields
  • Mary Dennison Field
  • Victory Fields
  • Village Green/Town Common
  • Walsh Middle School Softball Fields
  • Danforth Park

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