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Framingham United Soccer Club

FUSC Policies

Zero Tolerance

All individuals responsible for a team and all spectators shall support the referee. Failure to do so will undermine the referee's authority and has the potential of creating a hostile environment for the players, the referee, and all the other participants and spectators.

  1. No one, except the players, is to speak to the referee during or after the game. Exceptions: Coaches may ask questions before the game, call for substitutions and point out emergencies during the game, or respond to the referee if addressed.
  2. Absolutely no disputing calls, during or after the game, no remarks to the referee to watch certain players or attend to rough play. NO YELLING at the referee, EVER, and no criticism, sarcasm, harassment, intimidation, or feedback of any kind during or after the game.
  3. Violators may be ejected and are subject to disciplinary action.
  4. If coaches or spectators have questions regarding particular calls, rules, or a referee, or wish to give feedback regarding a referee, please contact the FUSC referee's director for the game in question.

No Smoking Policy

Per the City of Framingham and pursuant to M.G.L. 71:37H, the use of any tobacco and/or marijuana products, including electronic cigarettes, at any FUSC fields by players, coaches, referees, parents or spectators is prohibited at all times.

Religious Holidays

From time to time, a scheduled spring or fall game is in conflict with the observance of a religious holiday. Coaches are encouraged to postpone games where such a religious conflict may exist. All coaches are expected to cooperate in assuring that children and their families are able to choose freely, and without pressure, between religious observances and participation in soccer activities.

BAYS 2nd grade Travel Players

BAYS Board of Directors prohibits second graders to play on travel teams.

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